About Us

Mexeen was founded to provide consulting services for corporates who seek to accelerate organizational development in these disruptive and uncertain fast paced business environment. It aims to achieve this through relevant and effective Executive Education Programs offered by Globally recognized Schools. The advisory team at Mexeen uses assessment tools to best identify the behavior and skills that must be developed to achieve the organizational objectives.

They also advise on the best intervention needed and build a blended solution of Assessment, EXED program and Executive Coaching. Our EXED Programs are either selected from our selected Executive programs portfolio or built as a tailor-made program that addresses specifically the organizational needs.

Mexeen’s Network of Faculty, Advisors and Speaker work closely to identify hot topics that contribute in building effective programs that meet organizational and executive needs. They serve as Guest speakers at our programs to bring context and relevance to our clients.

Corporates are pressured with tackling more performance measures and building more innovative and resilient business models leaving Executives and the leadership team in need to pursue a developmental avenue.

The overall theme in the region is oriented toward sustaining businesses’ competitiveness, recovery and turnarounds.

It is advised that Organizations and executives who seek fast intervention for development will thrive and sustain their business faster than others in these times.

About Us

Why Mexeen


  • We work with Globally recognized Schools partners to build effective Online short programs that address the corporates’ challenges in the region.
  • A one trusted platform that connects you to world-class Open short programs, Globally recognized Assessment tools in a single sign-on and Global Coaches who are well recognized in the executive Coaching space.
  • Work with experienced Programs Advisors at Mexeen who will help you identify your organizational development needs.
  • Mexeen Network of global Faculty, Executive Advisors and Speakers who support in designing the short programs that fits the region and serve as guest speakers on the programs to bring context and relevance.