Coaching Questions ?????

Coaching Questions ?????
Author Name: Tracy Bedwell- Coach, Middle East Training and Development
Date: Jul 22 2020
Category: Leadership, Strategy

A great coach doesn't give answers they ask great questions. But what are great questions and how should a coach structure them to move the person forward towards their goal.

  • One way we can do this is to structure our questions around the GROW model.
  • The GROW model allows the coach to have a structure to take the coachee on a journey of questions leading towards an agreement of action points and commitment.

Goal Questions:

  • What is your issue?
  • What is your ideal outcome?
  • What is your long term goal?
  • What is your short term goal?
  • What control or influence do you have over it?
  • What does success look like?
  • When do you want to achieve to by?
  • How will you measure it?

Reality Questions:

  • What is happening now re this issue?
  • Who is involved?
  • How is it affecting you?
  • How is it affecting others?
  • What have you done so far?
  • What were the results?
  • Honestly what is holding you back?
  • What are hidden motivations?(pride, power, confidence etc)

Options Questions:

  • What options do you have?
  • What else could you do?
  • Could anyone else help? What would they do?
  • What if... (more time, money, power etc)?
  • What are the benefits and costs of each option?
  • If it was a matter or life and death what might you try?

Will / Way forward Questions:

  • Which option will you try?
  • When will you try it?
  • What might get in the way? how would you deal with this?
  • Who needs to know?
  • What support do you need? How will you get this?
  • What can I do to support you?
  • Lets book a follow up to review your actions - what day and time?

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