Author Name: Charlie Lang & Ruma Biswas- Progress-U
Date: Jul 16 2020
Category: Leadership

We are delighted to present the Annual Progress-U Report on Corporate Coaching Culture in Asia. In this first release, we take a look at corporate coaching culture in Asia through executives who champion, oversee, and sponsor organizational growth.

Anecdotal evidence suggest that coaching is becoming increasingly widespread in organizations across Asia. Yet there is very little real research on how organizations are adopting and benefiting from coaching. What prompts organizations to adopt coaching? What can we learn from them and is there any real benefit in investing in creating a culture based on coaching? How effective is a corporate coaching culture in terms of delivering benefits to the organization and ultimately to the organization? What do organizations need to focus on while developing a coaching culture?

This annual report aims to provide some definitive answers to all the above questions and more and be a valuable source of insight for organizations looking to maximize the benefits of a coaching culture. It aims to help organizations to develop and fine tune their approaches and practices towards an impactful organization culture.

We discovered a number of in teresting insights which challenge some popular beliefs and we hope that this annual report series from Progress-U will continue to stimulate debate, expand perspectives, and challenge assumptions for the benefit of organizational leaders.

This research was conducted in cooperation with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC™), the leading coach certification body for business coaches worldwide, known for continuously raising the professional standards of business coaching. We are grateful for their valuable contribution.

Click here to download the Research Report

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