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How SME’s can unleash their Secret Power of the Underdog and lead the Sustainable Business Transformation

Katrin Scholz-Barth

Aug 25 2021

Being intentional and proactive about embracing strategic change takes vision, courage, and radical responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of ‘thyself’, of others, and our planetary’s wellbeing, which our survival depends on.

Perfectionism in Leaders: A Gift or a Curse?

Nadine Zeinoun

Aug 04 2021

When coaching senior leaders and business owners, I often hear the following statement: “I like things to be perfect” or “I tend to be a perfectionist”!

The 5 key elements of an apprenticeship-levy leadership pathway

Cranfield Executive Development

Jul 29 2021

A collaboration between Aon and Cranfield Executive Development is setting the blueprint for how Apprenticeship Levy funding can be used strategically to develop senior managers.

5 Essential Leadership Components for COVID Recovery and Risk-Adjusted Returns

Katrin Scholz-Barth

Jul 27 2021

How business leaders responded to the economic standstill varied widely, however. And that response determined survival and recovery rates to some extent.