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How SME’s can unleash their Secret Power of the Underdog and lead the Sustainable Business Transformation

Katrin Scholz-Barth

Aug 25 2021

Being intentional and proactive about embracing strategic change takes vision, courage, and radical responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of ‘thyself’, of others, and our planetary’s wellbeing, which our survival depends on.

Leading your Team through Change

Nadine Zeinoun

May 12 2021

Change is inevitable!!! If not managed well, any simple change can lead to major consequences for you and your team.

Leading Change in Organizations

Emily McCutcheon- Rotman School of Management

Aug 30 2020

Your organization will change. It’s a fact. In a highly competitive global business environment, being able to adapt quickly to new conditions is a key predictor of success.

Want to keep your best people?

Charlie Lang- Progress-U

Aug 20 2020

Tom kept wondering what went wrong. All this time he thought that everything was in order and that Karin was happy working for him.