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Leadership through Crisis – COVID19 or Climate – A Strategic Shift in Change / Risk Management

Katrin Scholz-Barth

Feb 17 2021

The direct link between COVID19 and the global economy is dramatic and undisputable. The global stock market remains in flux.

Digital Innovation: 5 questions that business leaders need to be asking

Peter Thornton

Jan 29 2021

On their own, each of the recent global shifts would have been significant, but it is the combination that has been genuinely transformational. Technology empowers people and consumers and is forcing a fundamental re-think on the relationships between organizations and their customers.

Strategic Innovation – Meaningful Innovations Decarbonized

by Katrin Scholz-Barth

Jan 25 2021

Innovation is the engine of economic development and innovators solve complex problems, improve efficiencies and make things better.

Leadership Acts and Moments of Engagement

Lester Coupland

Nov 24 2020

An act repeated becomes an activity, which becomes a practice and then an embedded cultural norm. Acts that are co-created and agreed, between a leader and their team, create moments of engagement. Designers of effective leadership programmes transform competencies into acts; ensuring that skill enhancement is directly related to leadership acts which implement the strategy.