Advanced Personal Leadership Programme

Advanced Personal Leadership Programme
Location: United Kingdom, Oxfordshire
Dates: Mar 01 - Apr 23, 2021
Duration: 7 Days
Category: Leadership
Type: On Campus

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Purpose and Usage

A unique leadership programme that can act as a significant turning point in a participant’s career, as a catalyst for change of mindset and performance.

• Become a more confident leader with conviction in your own leadership style and behaviours

• Explore the dynamics of high-performance teams and organisations and understand how to create them

• Appreciate the differences between management and leadership.

See yourself as others see you

Leaders require the ability to build relationships at all levels, to motivate and provide direction. To be successful as a leader it is vital that you understand how you are perceived, and appreciate the impact your leadership style has on others.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior leaders of people, teams, projects and organisations
  • Ambitious managers who aspire to senior leadership
  • Entrepreneurs building their businesses

How is the Advanced Personal Leadership different to other leadership programmes?

It consists almost entirely of leadership challenges

Leadership can't be learned effectively in a classroom from slides and books. Learning on this programme is through experiencing leadership and real leadership challenges, a format that really makes an impact. Practical concepts and frameworks will be introduced when they are relevant. You will give and receive direct, constructive feedback on your behaviour and interactions; leading to profound conversations and personal change.

It is a challenging opportunity to see yourself as others see you, and in a safe and supportive space.

We start with the person and their leadership personality, not textbook theory

We focus on the individual. You’ll explore various leadership styles that might work for you. This isn’t a programme about presenting leadership theories and asking participants to draw their own conclusions – it’s personalised by design; each participant is their own case study.

Practical application is everything

This programme is a long way from hands-on, team building style courses. And we don’t just stop at self-discovery. Changes in mindset and deep personal understanding feed, via coaching, into a clear and agile action plan for professional success.

Building high performance teams and organisations

Leadership is increasingly about developing teams and the culture of the organisation; working in teams on the programme and reviewing your leadership approach, you will develop your ability to do both.

How we know this programme works?

Because programme participants consistently tell us it does.

Massive impact on me personally. Probably the best week I have spent in my career. David Barnes, Marketing Director, Zebra Technologies

Although it was intense, everything was tied to our own individual personal leadership challenges and goals, making the practical benefits real and immediate, so unlike the abstract and counter-productive, build-a-raft learning I’d suffered in the past! Dominic Smart, FutureLeader

It’s a career and life defining experience. Stephen Armstrong, Director of Operations, McDonalds

From the very first minute I realised that this was different! This was teaching by experience – the best kind of learning. And while I expected there to be case studies, I soon realised that I was the case study. We all were! Dr Marc Mangold, Director of Marketing, Value Retail Germany

Programme Content


  • Completion of 360 leadership questionnaire
  • Identification of development objectives

Module 1: 5.5 days

• Review 360 questionnaire outcomes

• Work in groups, tackling real leadership challenges and the dilemmas that arise. You will explore leadership approaches, observe how others behave and how they react to you and your leadership style.

Face issues including:

  • Power and influence
  • Motivation
  • Authority
  • Conflict
  • Alliances
  • Negotiation
  • Competitiveness
  • Group dynamics and politics
  • Courage and resilience
  • Stakeholder expectations; building consensus, influencing upwards.

• 1:1 coaching session with programme tutor

• Culminates in an individual action plan.

Module 2: 1 day (6 to 8 weeks after module 1)

• We use Action Learning Groups to review progress against plans

• 1:1 coaching session with programme tutor

Post programme

• Ongoing coaching can be provided by Henley if required (fee applies).

• Access resources from the online learning portal for up to 12 months

• Henley alumni status and access to Henley events.


For participants

It’s an extremely personal and practical programme because your own actions and reflections form much of the programme content, with the remainder being a development structure that promotes easy, immediate application back into the workplace.

You will:

  • Gain an improved ability to recognise, diagnose and manage challenging and sensitive issues within teams and your organisation
  • Understand how best to inspire and motivate the team or organisation you lead
  • Witness the impact of different leadership approaches and reactions
  • Be part of a network of leaders from diverse backgrounds who will continue to share ideas and solutions after the programme.

For organisations

What difference can this programme make to our business?

  • More confident leaders who have the mindset to step up to new challenges and responsibility
  • Self-aware, bold and skilled leaders with excellent communication skills and a renewed sense of purpose
  • Executives with a working knowledge of behaviour and how it continually impacts individuals, teams and productive workplace cultures.

Module Dates:

Intake 1:

1-6 March, 2021

April 23, 2021

Intake 2:

7-12 June, 2021

September10, 2021

Intake 3:

11-16 October, 2021

December 10, 2021

United Kingdom, Oxfordshire
Partner Benefits

Henley Benefits Through Mexeen

  • Receive an Alumni status on selected courses
  • Receive up to 15% discount on the next course enrolled
  • Receive updates on School events and invitations to On-campus events
  • Receive a professional CV writing service
  • Privileged access to Series of Webinars conducted by world Top Professors
  • Join a community of Executives with local context in your market
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