High Performance Leadership

High Performance Leadership
Dates: Mar 09 2021
Duration: 42 Days
Category: Leadership
Type: Online

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Program Introduction

Discover your leadership capability, understand when to lead.

Through a mix of live-online learning and self-study you will learn how to make the best contribution as a leader. On the High Performance Leadership programme we will help you discover how to optimise your leadership performance and sustain it.

This course is very tailored, with three one-to-one coaching/feedback sessions. These will help you understand your leadership style and how to connect your capabilities and competencies to improve agility and collaboration in the workplace.

Delivered over a series of sessions you will:

  • Understand the inter-dependencies between strategic, operational and interpersonal leadership
  • Develop self-awareness of your leadership style and its impact
  • Understand the tasks of leadership, identifying where you can improve and when to call on others
  • Explore how to develop leadership in others

The High Performance Leadership programme explores how no one individual has the complete set of leadership skills. It will enable you to identify and reflect on your natural leadership style and personality behaviours. Then with the support of a professional coach, agree on areas for development where your leadership shows potential or is fragile. You will discover that to be a complete leader you need to be aware of your limitations, and that to be successful you will need to engage and draw on the diversity of your team.

The Primary Colours model was developed by the Programme Director and is the framework for this course. It defines the tasks leaders must perform in order to create the conditions for sustained success.

Who this program is meant for

This program was specially designed for middle and senior level managers and leaders.

Program structure

6 weeks total, including:

  • Pre-work and online learning
  • 4 x 2 hour live-online facilitated sessions
  • 3 x personal coaching sessions

The course is delivered through a blend of methods. Modules 1-4 are delivered live-online by the Programme Director, requiring a commitment to key points during the programme. These interactive sessions will allow participant discussion and encourage you to share your leadership experience and challenges.

The study requirements, prior and between modules, are completed in your own time with the coaching sessions arranged at a mutually convenient time.


  • Reflect on your leadership challenges
  • Complete the required pre-reading

Module 1:

  • Identify the challenges leaders face
  • Introduction to the Primary Colours approach to leadership
  • Look at the evidence that led to the formulation of the model

Inter-module activities:

  • Self-lead learning including video, e-materials and reading
  • Complete NEO personality assessment and 360-degree feedback

Module 2:

  • Introduction to personality in leadership
  • Understand the tasks of leadership and how they relate to each other
  • Use NEO and 360 to build insights into how your personality helps and hinders accomplishing leadership tasks

Inter-module activities:

Two personal coaching sessions by an accredited coach to receive feedback on your NEO and 360

  • Understand the impact of the findings on your performance and others

Module 3:

Put the approach into practice and identify your capabilities as a leader

Inter-module activities:

  • Team work in the office – discuss team leadership with your colleagues and the complimentary differences in your workplace
  • One further coaching session - implications of working with a team

Module 4:

  • How to overcome hindrances to implementation
  • Identify your developmental opportunities
  • Understanding resilience and practical suggestions on how to sustain it


For individuals

  • Gain a clear and coherent understanding of your leadership strengths and limitations
  • Develop confidence in your capabilities as a leader and know when to draw from others
  • Identify new approaches for leadership agility within your role/organisation
  • Create a tool kit to develop leadership success

To the organisation

  • Focus the business on how to identify, develop and promote leaders into key roles
  • Provide a framework for evaluating gaps and developing capability in leadership teams

United Kingdom, Oxfordshire
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