Executive Leadership: Organizational

Executive Leadership: Organizational
Location: Canada, Toronto
Dates: Apr 26 - Apr 30, 2021
Duration: 5 Days
Category: Leadership
Type: On Campus

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Expand your influence.

Success in a senior management role requires a shift in mindset and orientation. Executive Leadership: Organizational helps you look beyond your immediate team and expand your focus to the broader needs of the organization. Designed to help you expand your personal influence and effectiveness, this program provides you with the tools to contribute to strategy, improve the quality of your thinking and decisions and lead more effectively. 

Think and act strategically.

By the end of the five day program you will develop insights regarding how and why silos form in organizations, and what highly effective leaders do to break down silos and enhance cross-functional collaboration. These insights will equip you to drive change more effectively and to shape a high-performance culture within your organization. 

If you are moving into a more senior role for the first time, you will receive the tools and frameworks you will need to change your approach and priorities so you can succeed. If you have already assumed senior leadership responsibilities, you will benefit from insights on alternative approaches and strategies that you can adopt to ensure your success in delivering on your new responsibilities. 

Maximize your growth.

Our model of in-class learning, simulations and personal advisory boards allows you to increase your self-awareness and close the gap between understanding and action. Combined with senior business leaders as guest speakers and a diverse group of highly motivated peers, you will experience a rich fabric of opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. 

Who this program is meant for:

This program was specially developed for senior level professionals.

Program structure:

5-day intensive program

Day 1

·        The Challenges of Senior Management

·        Strategic Alignment

Day 2

·        Negotiation, Influence & Decision Making

·        Breaking Down Silos

Day 3

·        Creating Powerful Messages

·        Building & Leading Your Senior Team

Day 4

·        Design Thinking

·        Cultural Fluency

Day 5

·        Driving Organizational Change

·        The Integrative Leader

Canada, Toronto

Partner Benefits

Rotman Benefits Through Mexeen

  • A Certificate of Completion
  • 25% discount off of additional eligible Executive Programs
  • A one-year online subscription to the award-winning Rotman Management Magazine
  • Access to Rotman Insights–the latest news, thought leadership and more from Rotman Executive Programs
  • A referral discount to provide to friends & family
  • Receive a professional CV writing service
  • Privileged access to Series of Webinars conducted by world Top Professors
  • Join Mexeen community of Executives with local context in your market
  • Receive Academic credit and upgrade to a Certificate to achieve an Alumni status.
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