Behavioral Science in Business: Understanding People to Drive Results

Behavioral Science in Business: Understanding People to Drive Results
Dates: Mar 01 - Mar 12, 2021
Category: Leadership
Type: Online

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Program Introduction 

Discover how you can effectively, efficiently, and ethically influence people's behavior to meet your business objectives and learn how to scale those behavioral science capabilities across your organization.


Identify Behavior-Based Challenges.

Apply a Full Cycle Approach to Changing Behavior.

Prioritize, Test, and Learn.

Operationalize for Competitive Advantage.

This program equips executives with a deep understanding of behavioral science for business and the tools to implement and measure its impact, using a proprietary Full Cycle Approach to Applying Behavioral Science™. This behavior change model outlines the specific steps organizations should take to benefit from leveraging behavioral science in the workplace in meaningful and sustainable ways. Organizations who adopt the seven key steps outlined in this model, supported by strong leadership and only modest resources, can quickly profit from what is increasingly becoming known as the “behavioral revolution.”

Program Faculty

Steve Martin,

Faculty Director CEO, Influence at Work

A Royal Society nominated and New York Times bestselling author, Steve’s work in applying behavioral science has delivered substancial value and has been featured in scientific journals and international press around the world.

Oded Netzer

Arthur J. Samberg Professor of Business

Columbia Business School

Professor Netzer’s research focuses primarily on building statistical and economic models to measure consumer preferences and the understanding of how consumer choices change over time and across contexts.

Stephan Meier

James P. Gorman Professor of Business

Columbia Business School

Professor Meier’s research interest is in behavioral strategy. He investigates the impact of psychology and economics on human decision making and its implications for public policy and organizational strategy.

United States, New York
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