Leading Digital Transformation: Accelerate Change for Business Impact

Leading Digital Transformation: Accelerate Change for Business Impact
Dates: Apr 12 - Apr 16, 2021
Duration: 5 Days
Category: Strategy
Type: Online

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Program Introduction 

Your Digital Strategy. Ensure your digital efforts are growth-focused and business-led and align stakeholders with a compelling vision of what digital means for your business. Disruptive Thinking. Rethink your customers, competition, data, innovation, and value proposition for the digital era and accelerate change by focusing on customers, experimentation, and rapid learning. Implement Transformation. Discover how analytics and customer data can become a guiding force to drive you to innovate and make smarter decisions. Immediate Impact.


Your Digital Strategy.

Disruptive Thinking.

Implement Transformation.

Immediate Impact.

Leading Digital Transformation focuses on how executives can reorient their business for the digital age and drive the kind of deep organizational change that is essential to securing a future in the digital era. Participants leave with a set of practical frameworks, relevant case studies, and the first draft of their own roadmap for digital transformation.

Program Faculty

David Rogers

Faculty Director Faculty Member, Executive Education

Executive Director of BRITE, Center on Global Brand Leadership

David Rogers is a globally recognized leader on digital strategy and leadership, known for his pioneering work on digital transformation. He is the author of four books, including his bestselling The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age, published in 11 languages. Rogers has advised executives and delivered workshops on digital transformation in companies such as Citi, Visa, HSBC, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Merck, Toyota, GE, Google, Cisco, HP, Cartier, Pernod Ricard, International Red Cross, AARP, China Eastern Airlines, NC Bank Saudi, Coppel, Acuity Insurance, and dozens of others. Rogers’ recent research has focused on new business models, asymmetric competition, customer data sharing, and digital transformation in legacy organizations. Along with David Rogers, industry speakers with leadership experience in digital transformation will contribute to the program.

United States, New York
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