Leadership in Transformative Times

Leadership in Transformative Times
Dates: Apr 12 - Apr 22, 2021
Duration: 5 Days
Category: Leadership
Type: Online

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Program Introduction 

This program helps you strengthen yourself, your people, and your organization so you can deal with the current times with clarity, wisdom, resilience, and agility


Avoid making bad decisions.

Communicate effectively.

Center yourself and inspire others.

Look ahead. 

Program Topics include:

  • 5 Core Energies for Crisis Leadership
  • Formulating Crisis Strategy
  • Staying Inspired
  • Building Community
  • Rebounding from Adversity
  • Shifting Mindsets

Participants learn how to avoid making the wrong leadership decisions under pressure and how to leverage the situation to remind stakeholders, their teams, and themselves of their core values. They also identify how to learn from the crisis, walking away better equipped to lead through the inevitable challenges of tomorrow.

Program Faculty

Paul Ingram

Faculty Co-Director Kravis Professor of Business

Columbia Business School

Paul Ingram’s research examines the intersection between culture and social networks. Recent papers investigate questions such as the role of value similarity to foster business networks, determinants and outcomes of individuals’ fit in organizational cultures, and influences on ethical decision making.

Hitendra Wadhwa

Faculty Co-Director Professor of Practice

Columbia Business School Founder, Mentora, the Institute for Life and Leadership

Hitendra Wadhwa is regularly involved with many Fortune 500 corporations in strategy consulting and leadership development. His widely acclaimed research and teaching on leadership have been covered by Fortune, Psychology Today, BBC World Service, Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Along with Professors Ingram and Wadhwa, additional Columbia Business School faculty may contribute to and teach in the program.

United States, New York
Partner Benefits

Columbia Benefits Through Mexeen

  • Receive updates on School events and invitations to On-campus events
  • Receive a professional CV writing service
  • Privileged access to Series of Webinars conducted by world Top Professors
  • Join a community of Executives with local context in your market
  • Receive Academic credit and upgrade to a Certificate to achieve an Alumni status.
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