Strategy & Competitive Advantage

Strategy & Competitive Advantage
Dates: Apr 08 - Apr 09, 2021
Duration: 2 Days
Category: Strategy
Type: Online

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Program Introduction

Think a winning strategy requires an expensive outside consultant? Think again. You might already have everything you need in your organization to build and sustain competitive advantage.

Making good strategic decisions is critical to any leader's success. In Rotman's Strategy & Competitive Advantage program, we'll break down the components of a strategy and show you how a carefully designed strategy provides a blueprint for smart decisions.

In two half-days, you’ll prepare yourself to identify and exploit sources of competitive advantage. Working with a class of other professionals, our faculty will help you develop the analytical skills and vision to

  • understand and predict industry trends
  • anticipate and plan for competition, and
  • sustain corporate success in a fast-changing global economy. 

Designed to Deliver Maximum Impact Virtually

Experience the power of Rotman's virtual portfolio in achieving your goals, even in disruptive environments. We've not only adapted our leading open enrolment portfolio for a virtual environment, but have designed our programs to capitalize on the unique benefits offered by online settings. These programs make it easy for you to continue your growth while you navigate the current challenges of working from different environments. Access world-class faculty in live sessions for the latest research and insights, grow your connections with peers from different industries and organizations and refine your leadership strengths from the comfort of wherever you are.


  • Identify and assess the essential parts of any strategy
  • Gain valuable insight from the successes and failures of respected firms and the issues they face looking forward
  • Strengthen your ability to assess whether a strategy is likely to lead to superior performance
  • Test business decisions through the lens of your firm’s strategy

Program Faculty

Anne Bowers, Lead Faculty

Associate Professor of Strategic Management

Anne Bowers is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at Rotman. Her primary research interest include how classification shapes market outcomes, particularly the impact of rating systems, rankings and social categories on organizational performance. In a second stream of research, she studies how information flows among market intermediaries, and how their non-market strategies affect various outcomes, such as rating changes, legislation, status, and media attention. Research settings include the financial services sector (equity research, relationship banking), environmental rankings (LEED), as well as online marketplaces (eBay).

Canada, Toronto
Partner Benefits

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