Strategy in Uncertain Times

Strategy in Uncertain Times
Dates: Apr 19 - Apr 23, 2021
Category: Strategy
Type: Online

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Strategy in Uncertain Times (Live Online) is a five-day virtual program focused on the process of finding opportunities, launching new ventures, and leading necessary organizational changes to revitalize and transform an organization in times of uncertainty.

Participants will learn how to thrive in rapidly changing and highly uncertain environments and will be able to immediately apply their learning to make rapid progress on an issue they identify.

If you have ever worried about how to drive new growth or how to make a change initiative successful, you will enjoy the insights developed in this live online program.


The tools you need now: Develop strategy tools and techniques designed to help you succeed in times of uncertainty, complexity, and velocity.

A new look at your portfolio: Decide which initiatives to stop, how to disengage from them, and how to create an opportunity portfolio.

Discovery-driven planning: Explore a technique for learning quickly, managing risk, and bringing down costs when operating under high levels of uncertainty.

Informed strategy: Drive strategic decision making from the perspective of deep insight and differentiation rather than going along with the crowd.


• Understand and describe the six elements of your new strategy playbook

• Rapidly evaluate and prioritize the activities currently in your portfolio

• Explore how to lead through change and uncertainty

• Reframe problems to spark novel solutions

• Smartly plan your digital transformation strategy

• Understand the political and implementation challenges of growth

• Identify opportunities to create a ‘platform’ business model

• Understand how to create important relationships with ecosystem partners

• Gain deep customer insight

Who should attend

Strategy in Uncertain Times (Live Online) is designed for upper- to senior-level executives who seek significant growth opportunities for their organizations.


Rita McGrath,

Faculty Co-Director Faculty, Columbia Business School Executive Education

Rita McGrath is a globally recognized expert on strategy, innovation, and growth. Her work and ideas help CEO’s and senior executives succeed in rapidly changing and volatile environments, and she is valued for her rare ability to connect research to business problems. Recognized as one of the top 10 management thinkers by global management award Thinkers50 in 2017 and winning the award for outstanding achievement in the strategy category, McGrath regularly speaks at corporate events, such as the Microsoft CEO Summit and the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. She appears regularly on television and radio and is often cited in the press, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, and Businessweek and has published several articles in the Harvard Business Review. 

United States, New York
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