Leading Strategic Change in the Middle East

Leading Strategic Change in the Middle East
Dates: Sep 12 2021
Duration: 5 Days
Category: Management
Type: Online

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Program Introduction

Given the state of rapid transformation in the global economy and the growing dependence on technological innovation, the ability to effectively implement change has become a core organizational competency.

Faced with increasing internal and external pressures, organizations now need to deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic by embracing flexibility, investing in innovation, and managing change to thrive. The Enterprise Change Management for Disrupted Times program delivered in partnership with the Rotman School of Management is thoughtfully customized to the realities of the MENA region. The program will help identify broad changes happening globally, promote an understanding of the change management process with a MENA lens, and provide tools to help execute effective change. The opportunity to interact and learn from others in different industries, sectors and countries will also be extremely valuable in understanding regional and global challenges. 

Learning Objectives

1)    Changes in the global landscape, headwinds and opportunities: Understanding the increased urgency for change

2)    Develop an understanding of the Change Process, why 70 percent of change initiatives fail, and how to plan for success

3)    Organizational innovation processes and critical frameworks and models to design strategic and impactful change

4)    Change in Action: Case studies from the region


September 12 and 13

September 19 and 20

September 26

4 days + project

Program structure

Day 1:

  • Changing global landscape and rise of the digital economy
  • Implications of changes for government and business in the MENA region
  • Examples of change from MENA and guest speaker

Day 2:

  • Change Management process
  • Role of the leader in change management process
  • Case studies from MENA and guest speaker

Day 3:

  • Application of change in the region
  • Driving changes within government and private sector
  • Case studies with guest speaker
  • Group breakouts on case project

Day 4:

  • Designing for change: design-led innovation
  • Innovation matrix and types
  • Innovative leadership and mindsets

Day 5:

  • Final presentation to judges panel

Who is this program meant for

Mid-level executives who are involved in change management initiatives or are about to embark on change management initiatives within their organizations 

“This program is brought to you by Mexeen Executive Education in partnership with Rotman School of Management.

This is one of several signature programs that Mexeen is co-developing with world-class universities to bring regional context and relevance to the learning intervention. The program is designed based on a set of activities that aim to pull insights from the market including pre-program surveys and focus group discussions with key executives from the GCC. This input is used to build business case studies and feed program development, giving participants the edge they need when dealing with their change management initiatives in the local context.

This program is recommended for organizations that want to have a more concentrated discussion on what it means to do change in the GCC context and what it takes for the 30% of initiatives to succeed. While the principles of change management are well-known and established, the key to successful change management lies in understanding the true regional challenges and cultural associations that hinder progress and often cause failure.”

Canada, Toronto

Walid Hejazi is an Associate Professor of International Business, Economic Analysis and Policy, and Academic Director, at the Rotman School of Management. He has researched, advised, and testified extensively on global competitiveness, and is currently working on a series of studies which shed light on the competitiveness and productivity of Canadian firms. He teaches Macro and Global Economics in Rotman’s MBA and EMBA programs, and has also delivered lectures in over 30 countries.

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