Reimagining Leadership: From emergent challenges to future growth

Reimagining Leadership: From emergent challenges to future growth
School: Cranfield School of Management
Dates: May 19 2021
Duration: 6 Days
Category: Leadership
Type: Online

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Program Introduction

As COVID-19 has proved we know that other disruptive events will happen; and it is our leadership mindset that will predominantly shape our organisations’ responses.

Leadership mindset is a major reason why we see the demise of long-established companies and at the same time is the reason why others successfully adapt and grow.

This new programme will help you transform the way you think and act as a leader within your organisation, so that you are better placed to improve its resilience.

You will be equipped with the skills, models and tools to effectively manage the emerging issues in your business; and those beyond the horizon which nobody can predict. We enable this through a series of carefully crafted, live interactive online sessions with industry peers and skilled facilitators.

Learning Objectives

1)  Be more confident and energised in embracing change and uncertainty; and comfortable in not knowing

2) To enhance your perceptive capability to discern and interpret the nature of your context and emerging business environment

3) To be seen as an effective leader during these trying times; the only place from which true transformation can begin.

Program structure

Each session is facilitated so that it embodies the main emerging theme of the day, based on the principles of systemic thinking thus characterising today’s VUCA business environment.

  • Session 1: Building Group Identity and Trust
  • Session 2: The Landscape of Leadership: what story are you in? where is that story going?
  • Session 3: The Holding Environment: facilitating team performance under pressure
  • Session 4: Psychological Safety: self-maintenance for leaders
  • Session 5: Innovation and Creativity: dealing with the pace and scope of change
  • Session 6: Transitions and the Liminal Space: working through not knowing

Who is this program meant for

  • Directors, Divisional and Functional Heads
  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Transformation leaders and managers

United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Partner Benefits

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  • Privileged access to series of webinars conducted by world top professors
  • Join a community of executives with local context in your market
  • 20% discount (tuition fee only) for Cranfield School of Management alumni.
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