Using AI as a Transformation Strategy

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850 USD

In recent years, AI has grown exponentially and is gradually becoming an essential part of technologies used in organizations across different sectors.

If you want to upgrade your skills and integrate Artificial Intelligence projects in your business, this comprehensive program is for you!

Get an overview of the world of AI and cover real-world applications like speech recognition, image understanding, data analytics, predictions and more.

After finishing the program, you will have a strong foundation of Data Science & AI and a deeper understanding of the potential of these types of concepts. This will enable you to be better equipped to manage and communicate with both the technical and non-technical teams involved.

Using AI as a Transformation Strategy

4 days Program provide your organization’s teams with knowledge and skills to meet the needs of a digitized labor market


Day 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • What is AI and how is AI relevant to today’s context? Discussion of global and regional landscapes.
  • Brief history: What is the development/prevalence of AI in the GCC currently?
  • Defining AI terminology.
  • Planning an AI project: what to consider? How to define the problem? Understanding the Machine Learning project lifecycle.
  • Guest speaker

Day 2: Different fields of AI

  • Data Analytics / Data Science: how to make informed decisions? How is this used in practicality?
  • Computer Vision: how computers see. Example driven and applicability
  • Natural Language Processing: how computers read & talk. What is NLP and how is it relevant to the audience?
  • Recommender Systems: what is it and how is it relevant?
  • Showcasing different AI applications and case studies from different industries as specific to the GCC.

Day 3: Algorithms, Data & Ethics

  • What are the algorithms that power AI? how are they relevant to decision making?
  • The importance of data (data collection, data storage, data privacy) and what does this mean for business regulation, what is allowed and not allowed when it comes to data sharing?
  • Data strategies and how are they used in business.
  • Case studies from the GCC region.

Day 4: Transforming Your Business with AI

  • Business Challenge project  
  • Building your AI team
  • Challenges to consider when implementing AI
  • The future trends of AI in GCC
  • Aligning AI with the strategy of the organisation 
  • Guest speaker


Gain an understanding of artificial intelligence and its applications in business

Lead informed decisions within your organisation based on data driven insights

Navigate technologies with more ease and flexibility by leveraging data science and available technology to support organizational strategy


  • Senior managers from different industries responsible for leading their organizations in technology -oriented fields/sectors
  • Managers aiming to improve their technical competence and the related implications of AI within business

Leaders overseeing the integration of AI within their organizations

Non-technical Managers who lead technical teams in charge of AI applications

Educate senior managers to adopt AI in their business as part of their transformation.


Christophe ZOGHBI

Founder & CEO at Zaka

Christophe is a Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in Software development and various fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. He is the founder of Beirut AI, the applied Artificial Intelligence community in Lebanon, where he organizes community events and technical workshops to help people understand and apply AI. He’s also the founder & CEO of Zaka, an Artificial Intelligence consulting company that aims to develop the AI sector in the MENA community and abroad.

Reem Mahmoud

Co-founder and Education Lead at Zaka.

Reem's passion for Machine Intelligence and education is the main driver for her role at Zaka. Her research interests include digital signal processing, optimization methods, and computer vision. Reem graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with high distinction from Alfaisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2015 and received her M.E. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from AUB in 2017 where her thesis was about designing accurate personalized user models from sensing data. Reem is also the Education Lead at Beirut AI, a local NGO bringing applied AI education and adoption to Lebanon.


Upon successful completion of the program,

Mexeen Executive Education

grants a digital certificate of completion

to participants

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