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3 DAYS + Project



1,400 USD

In our ever-more global and interconnected business landscape organizations need leaders who can operate effectively across borders when they lead, collaborate and negotiate with the cultures of the international markets they do business with.

Using the Intercultural Intelligence® Model developed at Intercultural Group you will examine the unique dynamics and challenges of leading across cultures. Through case studies, class discussions, and small-group work, you will explore success factors and will be introduced to concepts and frameworks to help you understand and improve your personal performance, while identifying steps to increase your capabilities.


3 days Program that will empower participants to see cultural differences not as obstacles, but as opportunities.


Day 1:

Developing Global Leadership:

  • Learn to implement the cultural element into your best practices, improve your business’s success, avoid cultural misunderstanding, and bridge gaps.
  • Intercultural Intelligence

Principles of Intercultural Intelligence

  • The 7 Principles of Intercultural
  • Intelligence Cross-Cultural Scenarios

Day 2

Effective Multicultural Teams

Learn to lead global teams by understanding different leadership styles to motivate,

foster trust, and influence others into action.

Cultural Dimensions

  • The Cultural Dimensions Across the World
  • The Traits of a Global Mindset

Guest Speaker

Day 3

Negotiate Across Cultures

  • Learn to negotiate effectively by leveraging culture specific elements such as priorities, styles, and value systems, of your international counterparts.

Elements of Intercultural Negotiation

  • Culture specific factors analysis and their effects
  • Cultural vale sets leveraging

Benefits to the Organization

Enhance the creativity of your organization by leveraging different approaches from your multicultural team

Forge a more understanding and open culture that embraces differences and celebrates diversity

Examine the unique dynamics and challenges of leading across cultures and unlock new problem-solving techniques by tapping into differences 

Improve your team’s personal performance in dealing with multicultural teams to increase the competitiveness of your firm


  • Executives based at HQ and manage international activities
  • Executives from HQ and based in GCC managing multicultural teams
  • Manager in charge of cross-border operations
  • Managers currently or about to be posted in positions with multicultural teams

  • BD, sales, marketing experts who negotiate deals and sell products to clients in GCC from different backgrounds
  • Leaders who manage multicultural teams in person or dispersed

Create the conditions in which culturally diverse team members can express their talent to the fullest, and provide outstanding results.


Paolo Nagari

Lecturer SDA Bocconi Executive Education

Paolo M. Nagari is a global leadership consultant and the creator of the Intercultural Intelligence® Model. He is a lecturer for SDA Bocconi University Executive Education.

CEO & founder of InterCultural Group. Through empowering learning, coaching, and mentoring programs Paolo helps leaders and teams effectively connect, communicate, and collaborate with the cultures of their multinational workforce, and the cultures of the international markets they do business with.

He is a regular guest lecturer at SDA Bocconi University Executive Education in Milan, ITALY.

He is a mentor for internationalization at startup accelerator QC FinTech in Charlotte NC, USA, where he mentors high potential tech companies on internationalization by providing the tools and competences they need to identify and target international market opportunities, and take their startups global from day one.



Upon successful completion of the program,

Mexeen Executive Education

grants a digital certificate of completion

to participants