Human-Centric Management Program

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2 days delivery 

People are undeniably the most important asset of any organization. Effective people management and leadership lead to highly motivated staff, better staff retention and a positive, dynamic work environment. Ultimately, successful management and leadership translates into a successful organization. 

Human-Centric Management Program

This 2-day program aims to equip managers and leaders with a toolkit of practical people management, influencing, motivation & negotiation skills to deploy in everyday situations.


Day 1

  • Understanding personal communication and management styles to increase self awareness and personal effectiveness

  • Understanding when and how to use different management styles in different situations

  • Learning how to give feedback effectively

  • Understanding the drivers for enhanced performance and greater motivation

Day 2

  • Learning how to set and communicate clearly defined objectives

  • Understanding mindsets and learning practical skills to manage the team in both everyday and challenging situations

  • Understanding and learning how to manage change effectively to implement the organization’s strategies

  • Learning how to manage upwards and interact effectively with a hierarchical superior


Experiential learning – 80% of the time dedicated to practical situations, through the use of role plays, case studies, gamification and exercises.

Maximum of 25 participants per group with practical personalized feedback that allows participants to develop concrete action plans.

Personal reflections, group discussions & presentations.

Memory cards for easy recall of key lessons.

Guest speakers from the region.


Middle Managers with “people management” responsibilities.


Sherena Yiannouka

Sherena has more than 15 years of experience across Asia Pacific and the Middle East in Learning & Development and HR Consulting. She has a passion to help organizations become more efficient through human performance and development. She coaches Executive MBA Capstone and Masters of Innovation & Entrepreneurship projects at HEC Paris. She was also the Academic Track Advisor for the HEC Executive MBA Doha Modular and the Faculty Chair of the Qatar Foundation WISE Learners’ Voice Program.


Upon successful completion of the program,Mexeen Executive Education grants a digital certificate of completion to participants


 Managers with greater confidence to influence & motivate others, (ii) delegate effectively and (iii) demand & assume accountability for results 

Managers who are effective agents of change in their respective departments 

Good management practices lead to motivated staff who are more engaged and pro-active contributors to their teams.

Good management practices lead to a more positive working environment.

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