Building Effective Boards: Corporate Governance Program

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3 Days

How can organizations build effective boards that can thrive in the era of Industry 4.0? Our Building Effective Boards Program explores the current best practices of corporate governance, the changing demands placed on directors and how to harness the “healthy tension” that can unlock the performance of organizations.

Designed for in-person or online delivery, the program is broken into small “sprints” that blend insights shared from experts in corporate governance with facilitated executive dialogue that addresses real issues that are affecting board performance.

Building Effective Boards: Corporate Governance Program

Faced with increasingly complex oversight challenges and demands for greater transparency, how can today's boards do more for their companies?


Module 1

  • Session 1 - The Current and Future State of Corporate Governance
  • Session 2 - The Current and Future State of Corporate Governance
  • Session 3 - Committees, Board Effectiveness and Key Challenges

Participants will:

  • Explore the changing landscape of corporate governance and examples of board best practices
  • Align their understanding of the general board director responsibilities
  • Deepen their understanding of how committees are structured and identifying common issues  

Module 2

  • Session 4 - Strategic Management and the Board
  • Session 5 - Regulatory Changes and the Board
  • Session 6 - Understanding Your Company’s Financial Statements

Participants will:

  • Understand their role in shaping the company’s strategic direction
  • Explore the changing landscape of international corporate governance law
  • Sharpen their ability to unlock insight from corporate financial statements

Module 3

  • Session 7 - Executive Compensation 
  • Session 8 - Succession Planning and the Board
  • Session 9 - Cyber Risk Mitigation and The Board

Participants will:

  • Understand the role and best practices of compensation committees
  • Learn how to build a pipeline of competent executive leadership and best practices
  • Develop awareness of how a board needs to respond to cyber threats 

Module 4

  • Session 10 - Healthy Tension and Group Dynamics of Great Boards
  • Session 11 - Board Oversight: Identifying the Signals of Poor Management
  • Session 12 - Your Role as an Effective Board Director

Participants will:

  • Recognize what behaviors lead to healthy board dialogue and decisions
  • Learn how to recognize when a management change is needed
  • Develop awareness of their duty to the company’s shareholders and key stakeholders


Develop an understanding of modern corporate governance best practice and the responsibilities of directors 

Explore the key functions and changing demands from Industry 4.0 on boards

Understand how to harness tension, recognize poor management and improve your contribution to the board


Board directors and C-suite Executives.


Upon completion of the programme,

participants will be awarded a

verified Digital Certificate by

Eller College of Management

Executive Education.