Women in Leadership: Unleashing Organizational Potential

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4 days delivery

Leadership for women is not just a women’s issue-research has shown that organizations that fail to incorporate women's perspectives into their decision-making process and risk underperforming and losing competitive advantage leading to poorer results. This program is based on research on how women lead and what they need to focus on to become better leaders..It examines what it takes for talented women to be successful and be the leader they want to be.

The program provides an opportunity for participants to become more self-confident and effective in a leadership role. This experience helps them to increase their self-awareness by identifying their core strength and understanding their personality and thinking preferences.It explores aspects of power and influence that helps women to develop skills to work strategically. Participants are encouraged to create their future vision and goals to fulfill their potential as a leader and navigate their way through the organizational “labyrinth”.

Women in Leadership: Unleashing Organizational Potential

The 4-day program is designed with two main goals in mind: to empower women as they step into more senior leadership roles, and to help organisations make the most of their existing talent pools


Day 1

  •  Introductions, methodology, objectives & contracting
  •  Who am I? Finding my voice & presenting myself
  •  Understanding the challenges facing women
  •  Recognising     the    differences    between management & leadership
  • Exploring leadership frameworks

Day 2

  • Applying different styles of leadership
  • Identifying my personality preferences & strengths
  • What has made me who I am today? Exploring what has shaped me
  •  What do I stand for? Demonstrating my values
  • What future do I want to create? Finding meaning in my work & life

Day 3

  • Influencing effectively – application of power & trust
  • Balancing relationships with the task
  • Exploring presence & communication
  • Using different influencing styles in various contexts
  • Preparing & rehearsing for an influencing situation

Day 4

  •  Holding difficult conversations
  • Navigating organisational politics
  • Networking – building my connections
  •  Developing resilience
  • Valuing & developing myself via peer feedback
  • Planning my next steps


Create psychological safety in the group where there is no fear of reprisal. This encourages participants to be more open, take personal risk, show vulnerability, and experiment with new ideas and behaviours.

Use of theories, models and frameworks to aid understanding of concepts for practical application in various situations at work.

Workshop delivery style is highly interactive and facilitative. We use a range of methodologies to increase the richness of the learning experience from group discussions, psychometrics, individual reflection, coaching and experiential exercises.

The content, processes and methodologies used in our workshops and programmes are designed to address the cognitive, emotional, behavioural aspects of learning to effect change.

Due to the deep nature of this program, the trainers work with the participants in a large group, and also in small groups to build trust and intimacy. Working in small groups enables them to receive support and feedback from their peers and the facilitators.


It has been designed for women at mid and senior positions who are already managing a team.


Sabehia Mohamed

Sabehia Mohamed is the Director of Sabehia Consulting Limited. Her purpose is to help people and organisations unleash their potential to enhance work performance. She passionately believes that people have different strengths which they need to tap into to unlock what makes them truly authentic and effective as human beings. Sabehia is highly skilled in facilitating groups and helping individuals and teams to bring about behavioural change. Her approach is pragmatic and solution focused, challenging yet supportive as she facilitates deeper awareness of thinking, actions and emotions to help clients resolve their issues.

Rana Simaan

Rana Simaan is an associate of Sabehia Consulting and specialises in organizational culture, leadership and management development and executive coaching. She is passionate about delivering value and living a life of substance; understanding that every organization has its unique personality, just as people do. It is an invisible yet powerful force that influences the behaviour of the group. Rana is particularly committed to the development of women and understands the particular challenges experienced by women working in the Middle East.


Upon successful completion of the program, Mexeen Executive Education grants a digital certificate of completion to participants


Organizations that deploy this program will have an enhanced ability to generate a competitive advantage through better utility of their human resources.

Program faculty can host multiple calls with senior stakeholders in order to gauge and debrief mechanisms that can unleash the next wave of growth and enhanced competitiveness.

Women will gain a deeper understanding of who they are, what they stand for, their strengths and their impact on others, thereby increasing their levels of confidence. 


The course comprises a mixture of focused theoretical input and experiential learning opportunities enabling women to share their aspirations, experiences and concerns with their colleagues in a psychologically safe environment. 

Opportunities to practise new skills so that participants have the confidence to apply the learning back in the workplace.

Using the collective experiences of the group, women will learn from others and build a support network that takes them beyond the program.


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