Managing Strategic Innovation

2 week Online Program

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Mar 29th, 31st 2021

Apr 8th 2021


2 weeks, online

3 Sessions



1,350 USD

There is no more business as usual! – Everything has changed, is changing, and will continue to change.

This 3-day intervention allows the participants to take a road less travelled, by challenging the executives to look beyond the established business boundaries and facilitate an open minded, creative exploration of new opportunities. This interaction offers an environment to allow the participants of the programme to breathe fresh air and explore realities outside the realm of mundane, incremental product extension exercises.

At the heart of the programme are approaches that facilitate creativity and brainstorming new ideas. These incorporate principles of design thinking and promote a design thinking mind-set, which is in contrast to an analytical mind-set. The difference between the two is that the former supports intuitive reasoning, while the latter follows the linear principles of traditional data driven planning and attempts to extrapolate the past in its effort to predict the future.

2-week program that helps you approach Strategic Innovation with Data Driven Experiments

What does this program cover?


What is innovation?

The innovation mindset

Four innovation starters


Opportunity generation and selection


Idea generation and selection


Critical assumptions & testing

Experimentation & prototyping

How can this program advance your career?

You will:

Articulate the key ideas and mindset that underpin the management of innovation of products, services and business models

Identify innovation opportunities and create compelling value propositions

Test critical assumptions and assess the desirability, viability and feasibility of new concepts

Drive innovation by accelerating decision making cycles

Feel more (comfort)able leading innovation even if you’re not the subject matter expert

Who is this program for?

Executives wanting to create innovative organizations

Strategists looking for the next big opportunity

Organizations wanting to turn around their business models

Business leaders who are stuck and do not know where to start

Anyone wanting to learn about innovation design thinking

Engaging in a Live interactive course designed to address Innovation in the MIDDLE EAST

Program faculty

Dr Imran Zawwar is the Regional Director MiddleEast for Cranfield Executive Development Programmes and he is also a member of faculty with the Strategy Department at Cranfield School of Management. He has led several executive development engagements and contributes to business strategy, strategy in the digital context and innovation as part of his teaching, research and consulting.

Dr Yolande Herbath is an Executive Client Director at Cranfield Executive Development. Before joining Cranfield, Yolande previously held positions as the Business Innovation Director for a UK government funded organisation and Director of Strategy for a research and development organisation. She has many years’ experience of working in the Gulf region.

Doc McKerr has a diverse background spanning military engineering, consulting, and executive development across multiple continents.  His connection to the region started in 2015 when working with Sabic and this and multiple other relationships including HRDF in KSA have gone from strength to strength.  His passion is around constant learning and merging the boundaries between leadership, business strategy and innovation to deliver powerful outcomes at every level


Upon successful completion of the program,

Cranfield School of Management

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