Ergham Al Bachir

Advisor Name:Ergham Al Bachir

Type: Advisor

Ergham Al Bachir, DBA researcher with Henley Business School finalizing her research on CEOs and top management team leadership.

In addition, Ergham holds an MBA and an MSc (with distinction) from Henley Business.  

With 20+ years of experience in international HR best practices and leadership development, Ergham is a strategic HR expert with specialized experience in sovereign wealth funds and investment holding companies.

Ergham’s experience spans multiple industries, including financial services, energy, education, healthcare, and executive search firms amongst other sectors.

Ergham has served as a board member and continues to hold an excellent track record in attracting, developing and retaining top-level and top management teams.

She has successfully developed and implemented key performance indicators, performance management systems, executive assessment, leadership development programs, and contributed to the development of the corporate governance guidelines in line with the international and financial best practices.

More so, she has been the Chairperson of the compensation and benefits committee of two publicly listed holding companies. 

She is also a certified psychometric assessor (PFQ15, Level A and B) from the British Society of Phycologist and holds a Hogan C-level assessment certification.