Joel Garfinkle

Advisor Name:Joel Garfinkle

Type: Coach

Joel Garfinkle, owner at Garfinkle Executive Coaching.

Joel is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and recognized as one of the top 50 executive coaches in America.

Global Gurus listed Joel 14th on its list of top thirty global coaching experts.

He has 20 years of executive coaching experience and is the author of 9 books and over 300+ articles on leadership.

Who is Joel Garfinkle?

Joel is well-known as one of the most effective and innovative executive coaches in the United States. His passion and energy are infectious, motivating and encouraging. He has a no-nonsense style in which he advises, challenges, provokes, guides and pushes his clients. Joel possesses great insight and knowledge, which he is able to convey clearly and with enthusiasm.

Joel’s proven 5-step executive coaching program provides a customized plan uniquely tailored to everyone. The coach and client work together to design a collaborative process that will create and meet the desired goals.

  • Executive Presence: Develop their executive presence by radiating gravitas, conveying confidence, acting with authority, and commanding respect.
  • Influential Leader: Become an influential leader who influences up, down, and across.
  • Power of Prioritization: Protect their time and get more done by leveraging the power of prioritization.
  • Communication Skills: Leverage practical tactics for crucial interpersonal communications and conflict-resolution.
  • Be a Great Boss: Be a great boss by utilizing the 7 hallmark qualities that all great boss have.
  • Accelerate Career Advancement: Upward progression of one's career and develop the next generation of leaders.


The Coaching Approach

Five Step Process

  • Step 1- Establish Coaching Agreement.
  • Step 2- Determine Key Stakeholders.
  • Step 3- Identify Coaching Objectives and Measurable Action Plan.
  • Step 4- Progress Review and Feedback.
  • Step 5- End Coaching Engagement. 

This executive coaching program positively impacts people throughout the company by improving their communication skills, decision making, collaboration and cross-functional relationships. His Executive coaching will unleash the potential of your talent to give your organization the leading edge it needs.