Peter Robertson

Advisor Name:Peter Robertson

Type: Faculty

Peter Robertson is a seasoned business professional with decades of experience under his belt. 

Armed with an MBA in Business, Peter has gained the respect of employers and peers over the years with his business savvy, style, and creative and strategic mind.

Peter serves on Mexeen network as a Researcher/writer of business Case studies to be used in teaching at Mexeen Executive education Programs.

Who is Peter Robertson?

Peter spent over 25 years in a variety of exciting and fast paced industries such as technology, telecommunications and consumer packages goods like food and beverage. He worked for some huge companies and some tiny companies and was involved in over 10 startups.

From managing large sales teams in multinational companies to creating technology start-ups, and teaching business, Peter has done it all.

As a proven business leader, expert in strategic marketing and sales, branding, business development, telecommunications, and leadership, Peter has been recognized for his numerous talents.

Originally from Canada, Peter has been in the MENA region since 2011, where he has been teaching business at leading colleges in the UAE and Qatar. Peter has written numerous cases on the Mena region in many different disciplines from marketing to human resources to strategy.

The case studies highlight the region business landscape and absorb excellent business lessons on various topics.