Advisor Name:Shivakumar

Type: Coach

Shivakumar is an Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and HR consultant at Gameplan Training. With over 25 years of corporate experience across multiple countries, Shivakumar brings rich expertise and experience to his client engagements.

Among Gameplan's clients, Shivakumar is highly respected for his deep subject knowledge, his ability to understand the customer's priorities and strategic growth objectives as well as his successful track record of delivering great business results.

Who is Shivakumar?

Shivakumar's impressive credentials include:

  • Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
  • Certified Holistic Life, Career & Business Coach
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner & Master Trainer
  • Brinkerhoff Certified Architect for High Performing Learning Journeys

With close to 30 years of experience, Shivakumar delivers high impact and transformative 1:1 Deep coaching for senior executives and C level executives.

With his in-depth knowledge and experience of building and leading multi million dollar businesses across different geographical regions, Shivakumar is well poised to create exceptional leaders for today’s demanding needs through the highly structured Intelligent Leadership (IL) Coaching process that delivers measurable ROI.

In addition, Shivakumar is also a published author and speaker.

Typical Executive Coaching Applications:

  • Competitive Advantage Consulting & Coaching: helps executives enhance their leadership skills to stay ahead of the curve and drive business results and financial results.
  • Stretch Assignment Coaching: creates a “safety-net” for executives who are in critical assignments with intense time, budget, and outcome expectations.
  • High Potential Coaching: supports executives who are identified as leaders positioned for growth and success in the organization.
  • Coaching for Performance: provides focus, support and strategic business knowledge to executives whose units are behind plan and at risk of failure.
  • Leadership Development Coaching: strengthens a leaders inner-core attributes and outer-core skills and competencies in support of organizational goals and individual leadership success.