Mexeen & Cranfield School of Management Partnership

Mexeen & Cranfield School of Management Partnership
School: Cranfield School of Management

Mexeen and Cranfield joining hands to provide relevant Executive Education for the Middle East region.

Empowering Executives and Corporates in the region through building partnerships to provide executive learning solutions.

With the growing uncertainty and the rising pressure on corporates and executives to sustain, grow and embrace, learning becomes essential to improve capabilities to face uncertain future and manage changes. There has been a rising need for meaningful Executive Education programs that address the region’s opportunities and challenges.


We believe that fast paced learning with world-class content offered in affordable manner will dictate personal growth of executives and corporates.


With the changes occurring in the education landscape in the Middle East region, Mexeen comes in to bring to the working professionals short and affordable Online Executive Programs offered by Top Global Schools. Mexeen seeks to work with globally recognized schools to promote and offer in the region relevant programs that address the region’s opportunities and challenges.


Therefore, to better achieve our mission, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Cranfield School of Management through Cranfield Executive Development with whom we realized a mutual outlook toward the future of education and development in the region.


Together, we roll out an exciting Online Executive Education program “Managing Strategic Innovation through Design Thinking” that addresses the need to innovate and reframe ideas generation in our region. This program will boost opportunities’ generation and promote an innovation mindset to better manage products, processes, and business models.


This program matches our latest findings on learning trends where fast-paced, online live interactive sessions and 100% delivery by Cranfield School apply.


This program is offered exclusively through Mexeen where Mexeen Program Advisors will play a primary role in advising professionals on their learning paths and guide them towards easy enrolment.


We are excited about this partnership and we look toward identifying more hot topics with the excellent faculty members at Cranfield who have extensive understanding of our region.


Ibrahim Badredeen

Managing Director - Mexeen