Mexeen and Rotman Business School Partnership

Mexeen and Rotman Business School Partnership
Mexeen joining hands with the Rotman School of Management to thoughtfully customize programs for the MENA region

Encouraging Post-Pandemic Strategic Change initiatives through a personalized learning intervention in the region aiming to improve organizational capabilities in change management.


Over the last few decades, the Middle East region has experienced a slow unravelling of the old social contract, where a dominant public sector offered jobs, social services and security. Now, there is a new priority of attracting private sector investment, diversifying and growing the economy, and expanding access to opportunities for all.

 The collapse in oil prices combined with the COVID 19 crisis and economic outlook for the region has exacerbated the need for strategic change initiatives. Education is necessary to understand the processes of change and implement successful change management plans within the regional context.

To this end, the Rotman School of Management and Mexeen have embarked on co-developing a Leading Strategic Change Management program for the region. The program will bring together faculty experts in change as well as executives who have led change initiatives – either successfully or not.

The Enterprise Change Management course delivered in partnership with the Rotman School of Management is thoughtfully customized to the realities of the MENA region. The program will help identify broad changes happening globally, promote an understanding of the change management process with a MENA lens, and provide tools to help execute effective change. The opportunity to interact and learn from others in different industries, sectors and countries will also be extremely valuable in understanding regional and global challenges.

Research tells us approximately 70 percent of change initiatives fail, take longer and cost more than initially planned. Equipping your organization with the insights and frameworks to successfully implement change will not only help move your organization forward, it’s also time and cost effective. 

Building organizational capability in change management is not free, nor will it happen overnight, but this course will help your organization develop solutions and plans through frameworks, cases, and group projects. Those who complete the program will be able to increase adaptability, agility and change capability across silos. In effect, the organization will realize greater return on initiatives and position itself for success in the present and the future.

Mexeen Executive Education Team

April 2021