Since its founding in 1916, Columbia Business School has possessed a spirit of innovation that has propelled it to the very center of business. As we celebrate Columbia Business School’s Centennial, we honor these innovators, past and present, and look toward the big ideas that will leave their mark on the next 100 years. There have been 13 winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics who have taught or studied at Columbia. You'll learn from and with the best.

The groundbreaking research of our faculty members influences business practices in every sector. Informed in real time by the global business environment, they teach a transformative and ever-evolving curriculum that develops leaders poised to create opportunity in any environment.

As the only top Ivy League business school immersed in the global business hub that is New York City, we offer students unparalleled access to leaders from across industries in the classroom, throughout the city, and around the globe. Guest lecturers, programs like our Executives in Residence, and the Silfen Leadership Series bring real-world insights on a daily basis.

Columbia Business School is the only Ivy League institution that delivers a learning experience where academic excellence meets real-time exposure to the pulse of business in New York City. Our executive education programs teach actionable skills that allow you to make an immediate impact on your organization.

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Leadership Essentials (Online)

Jan 11 - Feb 05, 2021 27 days

Online Course


Venture Capital: Investing in Early-Stage Startups

Mar 08 - Mar 11, 2021

Online Course


Strategy in Uncertain Times

Apr 19 - Apr 23, 2021 5 days

Online Course


Developing and Leading High-Performance Teams

Feb 22 - Mar 05, 2021 12 days

Online Course


Leading the Agile Organization

Mar 15 - Mar 19, 2021 5 days

Online Course


Creating Breakthrough Strategies: 4 Steps to Winning

May 10 - May 17, 2021 6 days

Online Course


Blockchain in Business (Online): Beyond the Hype

May 13 - Jun 20, 2021 42 days

Online Course


Launch Your Startup

Feb 08 - Apr 02, 2021

Online Course


Python for Managers

Jan 19 - Jan 22, 2021 4 days

Online Course


Deal Camp: Preparing for Private Equity

Feb 09 - Mar 16, 2021

Online Course


Advanced Value Investing

Feb 15 - Feb 19, 2021 5 days

Online Course


Leadership in Transformative Times

Apr 12 - Apr 22, 2021 5 days

Online Course


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  • Receive updates on School events and invitations to On-campus events
  • Receive a professional CV writing service
  • Privileged access to Series of Webinars conducted by world Top Professors
  • Join a community of Executives with local context in your market
  • Receive Academic credit and upgrade to a Certificate to achieve an Alumni status.

Why Choose Columbia?

Columbia Business School Executive Education’s custom programs blend scholarly research and practical approaches to address your organization’s specific challenges. We see custom programming as a partnership, leveraging collaboration to create an effective experience.

Faculty members play a key role in program development. At the earliest stages of consultation, faculty directors delve into the problem that needs to be solved and develop cutting-edge strategies and tactics to address it.

Our Approach:

Specific Solutions:

Custom programs often deliver a diverse mix of case application, role-plays, group discussion, and short, focused lectures. The process is iterative: whether it is adjusting the program’s length or shifting content focus, our faculty members are experienced in fine-tuning programs to respond to an organization’s specific parameters and goals. Columbia Business School Executive Education’s custom programs help organizations and individuals navigate the leadership development journey, in ways that address both immediate and long-term challenges the organization is facing.

How to we Design and Develop the custom program in collaboration with you:

Each custom program is carefully designed to fulfill your organization's specific needs. The process begins with a needs assessment and contextual analysis of the challenges you are facing.

The second phase is a collaborative effort among our faculty members, designated representatives from the organization, and the Columbia account management team. Working closely with you, Columbia designs a program that addresses the areas outlined from the needs assessment.

Design teams from your organization and Columbia Business School Executive Education then meet to determine the program’s structure, which includes content and session structure such as case studies, simulations, and materials. After delivering the program, an evaluation and refinement process takes place in order to make the necessary adjustments for the next iteration.

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Columbia Business School Executive Education

Ever-evolving learning solutions are built around your needs here, at Columbia Business School Executive Education

Why Do We Organize?

Hear from Professor Grant Ackerman, faculty at Columbia Business School Executive Education, on why strong leadership is essential for an organization’s success.

Leadership Essentials: Overview

In this video, Faculty Director Joel Brockner talks about the program experience and the feedback he receives from past participants.

Researches and Blogs

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Surveying employees using the random rotation method could help keep workers and workplaces safe.

Jul 29 2020

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It's time to recast antitrust laws for the new consumer marketplace, says Chazen Senior Scholar Andrea Prat.

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The Power of Communicating Without Words

Sometimes we communicate more powerfully with our actions, although we are often unaware of it.

Jun 29 2020

How to Jump-Start the Global Supply Chain

Panelists at a recent online discussion suggested the global supply chain is changing in profound ways. Here are four questions we don’t have answers to yet.

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